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Here are the vairous projects I am working on


Ethernet Wiring

Where I live it is still cold. However, the goal of this project is to wire an ethernet route from our ISP's modem to my router. The issue is that the ISP's modem is placed in the basement, two floors below from where this webserver is located. The solution that I have implemented for the past 3 years to connect my computer via PowerLine networking to the Internet. This works OK about 50% of the time. The other 50% of the time the PowerLine connects disconnect themselves or are extremly slow. This upgrade will allow for more bandwidth and more stability. I will update as I behin routing cable


SearX Instance

As Google and most search engines are infaltrating our privacy more and more, it starts to become nesiscary to become independant. In fact, Google does more than spy, it twists the resaults so it only shows resaults with a left-bias. This makes a need for a meta search engine. This search engines is called SearX, it cues up resaults from all the major search engines through the TOR network keeping the user annoymous. I run a SearX instance at search.jonquan.cf